Monday, June 7, 2010



From: Joseph Ziem, Tamale

The President of the Gonja Traditional Council and King of the Gonja people, Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa Essa I Sulemana Jakpa, has enskinned a new chief for Buipe to succeed the recently deskinned chief of the area, Abdulai Mahama Jinapor II.

A correspondence issued and signed by the Yagbonwura directed all stakeholders, chiefs, state officials and people of the Gonjaland Traditional Area to respect the authourity of the new chief.

It stated: “I write to inform you that Tampewura Bawa Jewu has been duly enskinned as the Buipewura on Saturday 5th June, 2010. His skin name is Buipewura Bawa Jewu Awushi Lebu II. It is my fervent hope that he would be accorded all the courtesies and cooperation his position deserves”.

On Sunday May 6th 2010, the Buipewura Lebu II was outdoored and this brought together Paramount chiefs and sub-chiefs in the Gonjaland area to pay homage to the 50 year old newly enskinned chief.

The outdooration went on peacefully amidst drumming and dancing but under the guard of heavily armed police personnel.

It would be recalled that on the third day sitting of the 1st Ordinary Meeting of the Gonja Traditional Council held on May 13th at Damongo, one of the items on the agenda happened to be a case between the former Buipewura Mahama Abdulai Jinapor II and Monowura Akwasi Piesie, also a chief.

Whiles the Yagbonwura and the other members of the Council tried to resolve the problem amicably between the two chiefs, the former Buipewura took an entrench position demanding that Monowura Akwasi Piesie be sacked from his chiefship.

However, when all the other chiefs reportedly supported the Monowura, the Buipewura got angry and allegedly rain insults on them, according to eyewitness accounts which was later confirmed by a circular issued and signed by the Yagbonwura.

The behaviour of the Buipewura infuriated the youth of Damongo who pounced on him but he allegedly pulled a pistol from his pocket to fire but unfortunately the gun did not respond.

He took off in a waiting vehicle together with his subjects and by the time he arrived at Buipe, it was announced that he had been deskinned by the Yagbonwura who is the highest authourity in the Gonja Traditional Area.

Following the deskinment, Mr. Abdulai Mahama Jinapor prayed his solicitors to file an order of injunction at a Tamale High Court restraining the Traditional Council from en-skinning his successor.

Mr. Mohammed Alhassan Esq. lead Counsel for Mr. Abdulai Mahama Jinapor filed an order of certiorari to quash the decision of the Gonja Traditional Council. The motion warned the Gonja Traditional Council against any attempt to perform any function of the Buipewura until the court decides finally on the matter.

But before the court could pass any judgement, his successor Buipewura Bawa Jewu Awushi Lebu II was enskinned on last Sunday.

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