Friday, June 25, 2010



An operation team from the police headquarters in Accra stormed Yendi at about 5:30am Thursday June 24 and arrested more suspects at Nayili fong in-connection with the death of Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II on March 22, 2002.

Highly placed authorities from the Abudu gate in Yendi reported that the operation was carried at dawn by police men using nine vehicles and that fifteen suspects were arrested.

Family relations of the Daa-naa family including, Daa-naa, Afa Adam, Baako Bela, Abdulai Inusah Alhaji and Juuna were picked.

The team proceeded to Alhaji left-tee’s house, one of the Abudu gate opinion leaders and a cousin to former Vice President Aliu Mahama where his two sons Hafiz and Basit who are twins and Baari were arrested.

Baaba Zei, a labourer at the Yendi Government Hospital, Mahama Champong, Baba Champong, Mustapha Abukari, Baako Zakoldooyili and Alhaji Kums were all picked.

Checks indicated that the police were bringing the suspects to Tamale for thorough screening.

At the moment, Yendi seem to be calm though tension is mounting in the area over the latest arrest.

Twelve out of the fifteen arrested suspects after a thorough screening exercise at the Northern Regional Police headquarters were released with the rest of the three taken to Accra for further investigations.

Mustapha Abukari, Manager of the Yendi Shell filling station, Baba Zei and Mahama Champong are those who have been taken to Accra.

The freed suspects were abandoned in Tamale after the screening exercise and family relations resident in Tamale paid their transportation fare.

A source close to the Northern Regional Police Command said that the suspects were picked to assist in the ongoing investigations regarding the death of Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II.

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