Tuesday, June 22, 2010



Management of Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN-Ghana) has launched the MTN Mobile Money service in Tamale, the Northern Regional capital, aimed at making money transfers and business transactions between people less difficult and efficient.

The MTN Mobile Money platform provides any mobile phone user with the convenient option of opening and operating an electronic wallet or full bank account primarily from their phone.

This service, according to MTN officials makes it possible for one to have both the electronic wallet and a full bank account in operation.

Senior Manager in charge of MMI at MTN, Abdul-Majeed Rufai, explained that the MTN Mobile Money service is convenient, accessible, safe and can be trusted completely. Adding, “this means that MTN subscribers who register for the service will enjoy the benefits of a long list of conveniences”.

He listed among other things some of the benefits one could enjoy which include people sending money in a hassle-free manner to their colleagues and loved ones, paying their utility bills without having to travel or stand in a queue and recharging their prepaid cards at their own convenience.

Mr. Rufai emphasized that, the MTN Mobile Money registration also covers customers in the ongoing mandatory subscriber registration by National Communications Authourity (NCA).

According to him, the world is changing every single day and MTN was giving its customers the opportunity to catch up with the latest trends in the financial world.

He explained that, whilst there might be similar products or services on the Ghanaian market that intended to ease the public’s payment transactions, most of them served a small subsection of today’s telecommunications customers and have been patronized by only a few, saying “it has been MTN’s goal to bring this ease of transfer to the masses and improve the lives of our many cherished subscribers”, he pointed out.

Recognizing how close the average Ghanaian is to his or her mobile phone, Mr. Rauf said MTN took the initiative to partner with a number of financial institutions/banks including Ecobank, Fidelity Bank, GT Bank, CAL Bank, Stanbic Bank, Zenith Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA), Merchant Bank and Intercontinental Bank to develop the MTN Mobile Money service.

He stressed that, not only does this innovative service makes daily payments smoother and more efficient; it also ensures that all transactions take place with the utmost security.

The Chief Director at the Northern Regional Coordinating Council, Mr. Joseph Dasanah, who launched the MTN Mobile Money service, implored Ghanaians to embrace the product in order to make Ghana a cashless economy.

He said in most of the developing countries people no longer carry money on them to buy goods and services because of the numerous inconveniences that money posed and urged businessmen and women to make use of the MTN money transfer services which is not only operational in Ghana but also in most of the African Countries that MTN operates.

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