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The highest decision making body of one of Ghana’s oldest and largest Traditional Kingdoms, the Gonja Traditional Council has sent a word of caution to the Ghanaian public, that henceforth, nobody should recognise or regard Abdulai Mahama as the Paramount Chief of Buipe Traditional Area in the Central Gonja District of the Northern Region.

According to the Council, “Mr. Abdulai Mahama is no longer the Buipewura, he is Mr. Abdulai Mahama effective 13th May, 2010, and anyone, any office and institution that still recognise him as a chief, does so at its own risk. The Council shall deal with that body in accordance with the customs and tradition of the Kingdom to the fullest”, it stated.

This came to light on Monday 21st June, 2010 at a press conference organised by the Gonja Traditional Council in Tamale to break its silence over the controversies surrounding the deskinment of Mr. Abdulai Mahama as chief of Buipe.

The Spokesperson for the Council, Bundawura Alhaji Rashid Sulemana who read a signed statement on behalf of the King of the Gonja Kingdom and President of the Council, Yagbonwura Tuntumba Bore Essa Sulemana Jakpa II, said “the decision to deskin Abdulai Mahama was as a result of his gross disrespect for the President and Elders of the Traditional Council which reached its climax at a General Council Meeting held at Damongo on 13th of May, 2010”.

Stating in summary some of the utterances and acts the Council considered as gross disrespect for the traditions and customs of Gonjaland/Gonja Kingdom, Bundawura Sulemana, said Mr. Abdulai Mahama openly (at the meeting) attacked and insulted the personalities and integrity of some elders of the Council (in public and to the hearing of sons and daughters of the land).

Additionally, the deskinned chief openly assigned grave misdeeds to past Yagbonwura to justify his misdeeds as well as declaring and suggesting to behead one Monowura (sub-chief of Buipe) for calling him Silmanwura.

The Bundawura also mentioned that Mr. Abdulai Mahama was deskinned because he pulled out a pistol at the meeting ground and unsuccessfully attempted three shots, thus bringing the meeting to an abrupt end.

Also, a week before the Gonja Traditional Council meeting on May 13th, the deskinned chief pulled a gun at one Dara from Buipe over an issue concerning a goat, he added.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have seen us today we are here to tell the whole world that; Mr. Abdulai Mahama is no more a Chief but Mr. Abdulai Mahama and whoever accords him the rights and privileges of a chief will be dealt with appropriately when caught. We the traditional council has now enskined a new Buipewura by name Bawa Jewu Awushi Lebu II”, he declared.

Present at the Press conference were other members of the Gonja Traditional Council including S.S Gbankulso, Wasipewura Anyame Kabasia, Damongowura Jakpa Lermu, Choriwura Deremeni Essungah as well as other sub-chiefs of Gonjland.

However, Mr. Abdulai Mahama since his deskinment last month has denied all the allegations levelled against him by the Council. He publicly refuted that he never pulled a pistol on the Overlord of Gonja Kingdom neither has he insulted members of the Council.

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