Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Prophetess Felicia Serwaa Gyamena, one of the powerful women of God in the Northern Region, has fulfilled one of the commandments given to her by God to build a magnificent prayer camp to heal the sick and also deliver people from the grips of the devil.

The Prayer Camp called the Refuge Prayer Centre was commissioned last Saturday at a colourful ceremony which attracted hundreds of people including renowned Reverend Ministers and other dignitaries.

The Refuge Prayer Centre, which is non-denominational, has within the last three years become a household name for many people in Tamale due to the mind-blowing wonders and miracles being received by people who patronize the place.

Through Prophetess Felicia Serwaa Gyamena popularly known as Maame Serwaa, God is saving many lives and restoring hopes for those who are under curse, those who are sick, those who need children and those facing business problems.

Just last month, two dead persons believed to be Muslims were brought to the camp and resurrected. Several mentally sick persons and those suffering elephantiasis have also received their healings at the camp.

All sick persons at the camp are given free accommodation, feeding and free treatment. Maame Serwaa does not use any medicine or scientific medical tools, but she is always able to diagnose and heal her patients through prayers.

Savannahnews chronicled that Prophetess Felicia Serwaa used to reside at Kade in the Eastern Region with her late husband, Inspector Nii Gyamena, a Police Officer until God ordered her to settle in Tamale in 1997.

She encountered so many challenges and named as a witch by the leadership of Pentecost Church of Ghana when she tried to exercise the anointing given to her by God.

She was later sanctioned and excommunicated from the Church together with two other elders who assisted her to open a prayer centre inside the Tamale Agric Forest and named it refuge prayer centre.

But now the Refuge Prayer Centre is housed in this magnificent building and has over 2000 regular members.

Commissioning the Centre, Prophetess Serwaa says building this temple is a fulfillment of God’s command.

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