Thursday, September 20, 2012

Anglican Bishop Calls on Politicians to Desist From Negative Compaigning

Bishop Kofi Ayeebo
The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Tamale, Right Rev. Dr. Jacob Kofi Ayeebo has called on leaders of the various political parties to avoid the use of provocative language in their political campaigns and rather concentrate on holding credible, peaceful, free and fair elections in December 2012.
According to the Bishop also a Council of State member, the December election was another testing point in the democratic development of Ghana, and thus political support and mandate should be gained only through the power of persuasion but not insults.
Speaking at the opening session of the 7th Synod of the Tamale Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. Ayeebo maintained that courage, determination, patience, tolerance, unity and peace were the only ingredients necessary for nation building and appealed to the political parties and their candidates to uphold those intrinsic worth.
The 7th Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Tamale which was under the theme: “Arise and let us build” (Nehemiah 2:18), was meant to deliberate on the spiritual and physical development of the Church, its past and present achievements or failures and fashion out plans for the forward march of the Anglican Church. The Synod which is also the highest decision-making body of the Diocese brought together leaders and selected members of the various groupings in the Church from the three Northern Regions.
However, the Anglican Bishop admonished the youth especially in Tamale and the three Northern Regions to be vigilant in dealing with politicians who would attempt to exploit them for their political gains.
He advised the youth including the Christian youth to concentrate on educating themselves or acquiring employable skills for the sustenance of their lives, rather than accepting arms and other weapons under the influence of alcohol and money to cause destructive violence.
Rt. Rev. Dr. Ayeebo encouraged the youth to maintain positive attitudes and thoughts and must continually say “NO” to all sinful words and behaviours. He further encouraged them to move from their present state of hopelessness and despair to that of courage and willingness to build and overcome every challenge in life.
The Anglican Bishop also an inspirational speaker and counselor even though did not specifically apportion blames- he was emphatic about the negative role some parents including Christians play in the upbringing of their children. He urged the parents to guide their children into the way they were supposed to go, and how to dedicate their lives to Christ Jesus.
“Today, we repeatedly see the increasing weakening and collapse of the family system and less biblical principles to govern our homes. The consequences of which include the disregard for authority, armed robbery, prostitution, use of dangerous drugs and killing of innocent women and children. In this regard, and more than ever before, we need homes where God is recognized as the Head and where biblical principles are being observed. To this, God is calling us to guide, nurture and train our children in the way of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6)”.
Conversely, Rt. Rev. Dr. Ayeebo outlined some of the contributions of the Anglican Church in promoting quality education, healthcare delivery, providing water and sanitation facilities and other social service in Ghana.
The Anglican Bishop who vehemently condemned the emerging act of insincerity where some members of the Church he revealed attend services only on Sundays and become loyal to other churches on other days of the week, called for the rebuilding of the liturgical walls of the Church where their worship was relevant and attractive to members.
Rt. Rev. Dr. Ayeebo on the other hand, unveiled his plans to grow the Church in every part of the three Northern Regions leading to the creation of three diocese, raise a generation of church workers who are spirit-filled, dedicated to teaching the gospel message and the mission of the church and to also increase the financial base of the Diocese where every member is taught how to give or feel responsible for the church.
However, the Northern Regional Minister, Moses Bukari Mabengba in a speech read for him by his Deputy, San Nasamu Asabigi commended the Anglican Church for always complementing successive governments’ efforts in developing the nation.
He appealed to the Clergy to use the pulpit to preach peace and also continue to be neutral in their position so that their words would guiding light of the lives of the people.

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