Monday, December 19, 2016

Media Implored To Promote The Crusade Of Evangelists Bonnke And Kolenda

The Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee for the 2017 crusade by Christ for All Nations (CfAN), Apostle Isaac Nii Kotei Djani, has made a passionate appeal to the media in Tamale to whip up the enthusiasm of residents to attend the event scheduled for January.  

According to him, there are many believers and non-believers who are going through spiritual problems, hence the need for the media to create awareness about the biggest crusade anticipated to provide solution to the spiritual needs of people through prayer.

Apostle Djani who is also the Tamale Area Head Pastor of the Ghana Pentecostal Church, made this appeal when he chaired the maiden meeting of the Media Sub-committee held in Tamale.

Members of the Media Sub-committee include Reverend Yirsob Bowan, Chairman, Brother Joseph Ziem, Vice Chairman and Brother Isaac Nongya, Secretary. The rest include Brother Alexander Kwadwo Akrofi-Gyampo, Brother Edmond Gyebi, Pastor Christopher Laary and Bishop James Kofi Abbrey, CfAN.

The Media Sub-committee is tasked with the responsibility of mobilising and organising journalists from various media houses to provide adequate media coverage and publicity before, during and after the event. The committee is also expected to provide technical advice to the Planning Committee as and when necessary in order to ensure a successful event.

Apostle Nii Kotei Djani implored the Committee to live up to its expectation in order to ensure the success of the event.   

Bishop James Kofi Abbrey, Special Aid to the African Director of CfAN, Rev. John Darku, told journalists during a media briefing that about 500 state security personnel would be engaged during the crusade.

Apostle Isaac N.K. Djani Sandwiched by Bishop James k. Abbrey & Rev. Wumbei
He also indicated that, the city of Tamale would be whitewashed with posters, fliers and billboards in the coming days whereas the airwaves of major radio stations would also be ‘hijacked’ with announcements and jingles.

Bishop James further pointed out that, various groups would be formed and sent out to market places, schools and other public places to encourage people to endeavour to attend the crusade.

Dubbed: “The Great Gospel Crusade With Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke”, the 76year old Evg. Bonnke would also be accompanied by his successor Evg. Daniel Kolenda who is now the President and Chief Executive Officer of CfAN.

Estimated to bring together about 400 thousand believers and non-believers across the entire Northern Ghana and other parts of the country, the crusade seeks to win more souls for Christ.

The crusade, which is being scheduled by Evg. Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry, Christ for All Nations (CfAN) in partnership with local churches in the Tamale Metropolis, is scheduled to take place between January 26 and January 29 at the outer periphery of the Tamale Sports Stadium.

Evg. Bonnke is a German international Pentecostal evangelist, principally known for his gospel missions throughout Africa. Bonnke has been an evangelist and missionary in Africa since 1967. 

According to his biographer, “Bonnke has had 75 million recorded decisions for Christ made during his crusades. He has preached the gospel to more people than anyone in history.”  

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda is also a modern missionary who has led more than 17-million people to Christ face-to-face through massive open air evangelistic campaigns in some of the most dangerous, difficult and remote locations on earth.

Meanwhile, this is the ninth (9th) time Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is coming to Ghana and his second (2nd) time in Tamale since his last visit some 3oyears ago.

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