Tuesday, February 9, 2016

NPP's Bid For Election 2016 Is Mission Impossible - Limuna

Alhaji Mohammed M. Limuna

The outgoing Northern Regional Minister and Minister designate for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Alhaji Mohamed Muniru Limuna has described the seemingly wanton attempts and desperation of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) to wrestle power from President John Dramani Mahama at all cost in 2016, as a mission impossible.

He said that even though the election would not be won on a silver platter, there was no way the NPP could defeat the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 2016.

According to him, the outstanding performance of the incumbent President bears ample and eloquent testimonies that the good people of Ghana would not be ungrateful to Mr. Mahama but would rather renew his mandate to continue his good works.

Speaking in an interview with Savannahnews in Tamale, Alhaji Limuna said that even though President Mahama and his government encountered some difficult moments in stabilizing the economy, he was still able to spread unimaginable number of infrastructural projects across almost all the communities in the country. 

The Outgoing Northern Regional Minister emphasized that the NDC government led by Mr. John Dramani Mahama had been unprecedented in transforming almost every sector of the economy especially in the areas of education, health, roads, water and sanitation, agriculture, rural electrification, youth empowerment and peace and security among others.  

Fufulso-Damongo-Sawla Road
In the Northern Region for instance, Alhaji Limuna mentioned the ongoing upgrading of the Tamale Airport into an International Airport, the rehabilitation and expansion of the Tamale Teaching Hospital, construction of the Fulfuso-Damongo-Sawla road which was accompanied with schools, markets, clinics, electricity and water facilities for all the affected communities along the road. 

He also mentioned the ongoing Eastern Corridor road, Tamale-Salaga-Makango road, Yendi-Gushegu road, Yendi-Tatale road and Yendi-Saboba roads also earmarked for construction. 

The Minister said that there were also an uncountable number of school buildings from basic, second cycle and tertiary levels, furniture, computers, science laboratories, libraries, teachers bungalows and a number of health centres including hospitals, clinics and polyclinics. 

Alhaji Limuna however called for a sustained peace in the country and for that matter the Northern Region to ensure that more development projects were provided to the people.

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