Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Limuna Supporters On Rampage, Vandalism

The sudden pullout by the Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji Mohammed-Muniru Limuna from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary contest has angered his loyal supporters in the Damongo Constituency, who have resorted to unimaginable destruction of party properties.

The weapon wielding youth who were baying for the blood of the Minister who at time of reporting is cruising in somewhere Brazil for his annual leave, completely vandalized the Damongo Constituency NDC office complex and the private office of the Minister. 

All windows, doors, computers, air-conditioners, ceiling fans, furniture, electricity installations and other relevant documents were mercilessly destroyed by the youth, who were chanting; “No Alhaji Muniru No vote for the NDC”,  “let’s practice democracy in NDC”,’ “we have suffered for long”, and Alhaji Muniru must pick the form” among others.

The angry youth, who demonstrated through some principal streets of Damongo, described the Alhaji Muniru as “traitor” who had “stabbed them in the back”.  

Personal Assistant to the Northern Regional Minister, Mr. Dramani Ecomok in an interview with Savannahnews confirmed the incident and described it as highly unfortunate. 

According to him, even though he appreciated the unflinching support the youth had given to his boss since he declared his intension to contest the Damongo seat, it was in a bad taste for them to cause such destruction. He explained that, the Minister withdrew from the race just in the interest of peace, and in the interest of the party. 

The Northern Regional Minister Alhaji Mohammed Limuna declared his intension to contest the Damongo Parliamentary Primaries with the incumbent Member of Parliament, Adam Mutawakilu. The MP earlier accused the Minister of using his position and state resources to campaign in the area, when nomination had not even opened. Since then, the NDC youth in the constituency have been sharply divided between the Minister and the MP, creating tension within the party. 

Savannahnews gathered that the Minister was asked to step down by the President John Dramani after some supporters of the MP had threatened to cause possible bloodbath.

But the Personal Assistant to the Minister said he could not confirm the assertion or rumour, since his Boss had not told him any such story. "What I know is that the followers of the MP and our followers were almost at all times engaging in insults and physical attacks, so my Minister decided to withdraw for peace to remain in the NDC. Our interest is to maintain the Damongo seat for the NDC and that is what we expect to see in 2016 from whoever will contest on NDC ticket”.

Mr. Ecomok described the path chosen by the youth as gross insubordination and that violence was not a solution to address their grievances in the NDC.

He therefore made a passionate appeal to the angry youth to abandon all their violent actions to ensure party cohesion.

However, the Spokesperson of Friends of Alhaji Limuna, Asumah Sherif told a local radio station in Tamale that the youth would not relent in their effort of ensuring that Alhaji Limuna rescinds his decision of backing out from the contest.

He said that, the Minister during his 48th Birthday celebration in Damongo reportedly galvanized for strong support from the people to oust the incumbent Member of Parliament for the area, Adam Mutawakilu. They are therefore surprised and disappointed by Alhaji Limuna’s announcement to withdraw from the race. 

The District Chief Executive (DCE), Bakari Ali also confirmed the incident in an interview with Savannahnews but denied most of the items believed to be destroyed. According to him, the youth only broke the doors of the party and Minister’s office, adding that, the intervention of the Police had brought about calm in the area.

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