Thursday, September 10, 2015

A.B.A Fuseini Worried Politicians Are Engaged In Dirty Politics

A.B.A. Fuseini

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Sagnarigu who doubles as the Deputy Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji A.B.A. Fuseini has taken a swipe on the current crop of politicians who have reduced politics into a mere dirty game which is played by people who are mischievous, liars and are always interested in tarnishing the image of people they regard as opponents in the same political party or another.

According to him, the only thing that had disappointed him and sometimes made him to feel sorry for being a politician was the people’s inability to speak the truth but rather go the extra miles to perpetuate falsehood just for political pragmatism or to score cheap political points.

The Former Editor of the Daily Graphic who is also a known freedom fighter insisted on his colleague politicians to engage in enlightened debates in every contest rather than to concoct, fabricate and peddle falsehoods just to tarnish the image of political opponents.

Speaking in an interview with Savannahnews in Tamale after he picked and filed his nomination form for the parliamentary primaries of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Sagnarigu Constituency, Alhaji A.B. A. Fuseini described it “as cheap and immature” for any politician to waste his or her time to run an opponent down, instead of addressing issues.

He cited instances where people contesting sitting MPs even in the same political party had engaged in serious propaganda and fictitiously lie to the people that the sitting MP had not executed a single project in the whole of the four year term. 

“If you want to contest me for instance, I want us to take the facts, take the issues and deal with them on the strength of their own merit, but not cheapen politics. 
Somebody said the MP (me) I have not executed a single project in my constituency, thinking that will make him a better choice. When I think or hear of all these lies it makes me feel very disappointed”.

The MP for Sagnarigu Constituency therefore promised to embark on a clean and insult free campaign in the upcoming parliamentary primaries of the NDC.

He also cautioned his followers to learn from his demeanor and avoid insults and any form of attack on other contestants in the race.

During the filing of his nomination form, Alhaji A.B.A. Fuseini attracted several hundreds of party activists who organised themselves in four metro mass buses, benz buses, private vehicles and on motorbikes amidst drumming and dancing to show strong solidarity to him. 

He was first to pick his nomination and filed it on the same day. The Nomination Form was received by the Sagnarigu Constituency Secretary, Mohammed Abdul-Rahman, who admonished the aspirants to respect the rules governing the primaries and also allow the interest of the party to reign supreme. He also charged them to see the primaries as internal contest and thus avoid insults and petty squabbles. 

A.B.A. Beaming With Smiles After Filing His Nomination To Contest NDC Primaries
The MP for Sagnarigu who worked as Journalist for over 30 years, indicated that he was in politics to serve the people. Alhaji A.B.A. Fuseini who is seeking re-election after winning the mandate of the people of Sagnarigu in 2012, said that his decision to contest the seat again was largely based on calls from the NDC youth, some founding fathers and other opinion leaders in the constituency.

He said that since his assumption of office as an MP, he had prioritized education, health, rural electrification, provision of water and economic empowerment of women and the youth in Sagnarigu. 

According to him, even though he was blowing his own trumpet, he could confidently state that the development that had taken place in the constituency in the last two and half years was unprecedented. 

Alhaji A.B.A. Fuseini indicated that 23 out of the 26 communities in the constituency that were connected to the national grid, had now had electricity and the remaining three were also had also received their transformers and they would soon be connected. 

He further indicated that 24 out of the 32 communities that had no sources of drinking water had been provided with pipe water. The remaining 8 communities he said would get pipe water before the end of 2015, since pipes were already laid in six of those communities. 

Through his efforts and with support from the Sagnarigu District Assembly several 3 units and 6 units classroom blocks had been constructed and commissioned for most of the communities in the constituency with auxiliary facilities such as offices, stores, toilet and libraries among others.   

The MP has also donated computers, furniture and other learning materials to most of the schools in the area including Bagabaga Junior High, Hilaliya Junior High, Kamina, Garishagu, Kunyavila and Chanayi. 

Several roads have also been constructed to link the communities together including T-Poly/Kpalsi road and the main Sagnarigu Town road, which were threat to pedestrians and vehicular movement. 

Last two weeks, Alhaji A.B.A. Fuseini supported some 120 deprived women with some seed capital of GHC24, 000 to start up their own small scale businesses.

Aside that the MP has also managed to secure a substantial funding from EDAIF to support four (4) large women groups in Sagnarigu, Shishagu, Gurugu and Wayamba who are into rice and shea nut processing in the constituency. Apart from giving them some seed capitals in a form of grant to expand their businesses, Alhaji A.B.A. 

Fuseini has also procured four (4) brand new KIA trucks and eight (8) brand new tricycles popularly known as “Motor Kings” for the same groups and also built brand new state of the arts rice and shea nut processing machines from the EDAIF support. 

He therefore expressed his deepest gratitude to the Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors and Management of EDAIF for the huge support extended to the women in his constituency. 

On the other hand, the MP for Sagnarigu appealed to the youth, the chiefs and other groups in the area to maintain the prevailing peace and stability in the area to facilitate more development. 

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