Friday, April 10, 2015

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah - Journalism & Politics

Mr. Suleimana Braimah
I am following the ongoing debate on the decision of Kojo Oppong Nkrumah (KON) to run for parliament on the ticket of the NPP. For two reasons, I am not surprised about the debate and issues involved. These are the reasons: 1. The debate is between NPP and NDC folks and that was to be expected. And it would have been the same if he had decided to contest on the ticket of the NDC. 2. The debate doesn't focus on the key issues of whether or not he demonstrated (through his work) potential for competence, integrity and patriotism - which are the three key qualities our country requires of its leaders now.
I wouldn't claim to know KON. I only know him through his work at Joy fm. He interviewed me a number of times and I listened to his programme countless times. That is it. Based on my knowledge of his work as a journalist, I think KON is a determined fellow, full of promise and passion. To have taken over from Komla Dumor as a young broadcaster and manage to keep the audience of the Supper Morning Show was a great achievement and a manifestation of his crave for excellence.
Kojo Oppong Nkrumah
To have been, not just a believer in the ideology of the NPP, but a member of that party and still adhere to the requirements of independence, fairness, balance, and objectivity in his journalism career was a mark of commitment to standards and a spirit of 'Ghana first, party later.'
Some have said he needed to be neutral but they provide no evidence to prove he was biased. Some have said he needed to disclose his party affiliation but they fail to provide evidence to show he was partisan. What I will say is he needed to be professional, and I think he was, until I have evidence to the contrary.
Just like Doctors, Teachers, members of CJA, AFAG, etc, journalists have a right to seek political office. What matters is that like everyone else, we all need to be professional, patriotic and committed in whatever we choose to do. Go Kojo Go!!!

Author: Suleimana Braimah,
Executive Director,

Media Foundation for West Africa

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