Monday, February 16, 2015

Monsignor Bazaanaah Admonishes Christians To Refrain From Corruption

Monsignor (Msgr) Christopher Bazaanaah of Blessed Sacrament Church in Tamale has admonished Christians to refrain from all manner of corrupt practices in order to save the economy of Ghana from dipping into crisis.

With majority of the country’s population being Christians, he wondered why there was such deep-seated corruption in every sector of Ghana’s economy and urged those who claimed to be followers and believers of Jesus Christ to repent from ways that were not Christ-like.

Delivering a sermon at last Sunday’s church service, Msgr Bazaanaah said: “.....Imagine the number of Christians we have, and how can Ghana still be corrupt? How can you explain that? Even the number sitting here, if you will not be corrupt, if you will be determined to follow the Christ who is lying on the cross we can transform Ghana. We can”, he declared.

“.......How can you come for communion and go out and be corrupt? The two cannot work together. If you take communion it means it’s a pledge that you’re going out to imitate Jesus. And where do we read in the scriptures that Jesus was ever corrupt? Jesus was ever taking bribes or Jesus was offering bribes?” he asked.

Christians, according to Msgr Bazaanaah, were supposed to be pacesetters for the world to imitate. But unfortunately, he said Christians were now looking up to the world to give them the wrong values to follow.

“......there used to be times stealing was seen as something very abominable but now stealing is seen as something virtuous. Otherwise, how can you explain the stealing that is going on? There is looting of government property, government coffers, looting of everything that someone can lay hands on”, noted.  

Msgr Bazaanaah therefore charged all Christians to renew their thinking and faith in Christ who is their saviour. “.....Nobody can change our country for us and I believe it is only Christians who can transform this country.......And we Christians can only do it if we stop disgracing Christ. And stop messing up seriously with our Christian faith”, he emphasised.

While admitting it was not easy to become a Christian, he also indicated that trials in the life of a Christian made him/her an authentic Christian.....“If you don’t want trials you will never be a Christian. And because we don’t want trials, difficulties to test our faith, we tend to give the impression that Christianity is not powerful and Christianity cannot transform our lives”.

Until Christians changed their attitudes towards the way and manner they worship God, Msgr Bazaanaah observed that, there would be serious hardship and suffering in their lives more than we were experiencing now and we would have no place to run to for help.

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