Friday, August 26, 2011


Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED-Ghana), a Non-Governmental Organisation working towards the livelihood improvement of women, has organized a two-day career and entrepreneurship fair for over 300 young women from 14 districts in the Northern Region of Ghana.

The fair, which was the second of its kind to be organized by the international NGO, was aimed at giving the participants enlightenment and guidance about their life careers and how to achieve them.

Under the theme: "Possibilities and opportunities", the fair was organized against the backdrop that most young women, particularly those from the three regions of the North – Upper West, Upper East and Northern Regions – found it difficult to meet their life choices and dreams due to inappropriate choices and poverty.

Mrs. Delores Dickson, Executive Director of CAMFED-Ghana in a statement, said there were numerous opportunities in the Northern Sector of the country for young ladies to turn them into opportunities and successes saying “the fair would broaden their scope to enable them to set long term goals for themselves”.

According to her, opportunities abound for young ladies in the post Senior High School education and entrepreneurial environment, which they needed to take advantage of to improve their personalities and status in society.

Mrs. Dickson said CAMFED-Ghana believed that educating girls and providing them with economic opportunities was a sure way of lifting poverty out of families in Africa.

Ms. Elizabeth Desouza, Northern Regional Director of the Ghana Education Service (GES), who served as a role model for the participants, said it was not easy for her to overcome numerous challenges to attain her status due to the background she came from, but due to hard work and determination, she was able to achieve her dream.

She stated that the current generation of mankind was knowledge-based and nothing stopped the youth from achieving their dreams, adding that the skies could not even be the limit for them.

Ms. Desouza explained that the road to success was never smooth and that she faced many difficulties and obstacles on her way to career development but kept moving on, stressing “failure at first attempt was not the end for anybody but rather an opportunity to improve oneself”.

San Nasamu Asabigi, Deputy Northern Regional Minister who was guest honour noted that education of the feminine and their role in development could no longer be taken for granted, saying “there were countless examples of women who had lived to prove that educating the woman was of immense benefit for the nation”.

According to him, despite progress made by women globally, the Northern Region in particular was still plagued with bad socio-cultural attitudes and institutions that define and shape women’s career choices, skewing them towards occupations with low economic returns.

The Deputy Northern Regional Minister was worried about how most young women in the North had resigned themselves to their faith with little or no information about the diverse education and career opportunities available in the global village.

Mr. Asabigi therefore, urged the young ladies to put to good use whatever the various resource persons told them in order to create a brighter future for themselves and their generations to come.

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