Tuesday, May 10, 2011


For how long can the youth of Northern Ghana precisely the three Northern Regions continue to wallow in abject poverty. It is revealed that the problem of unemployment facing majority of the youth is not about the lack of jobs, but their inability to obtain the requisite skills or knowledge suitable for the available jobs.

With the lessons learnt from the Oil Rich Western Region of Ghana, where majority of the energetic youth of the area failed to grab the huge job opportunity created by the Oil Industry, one would have expected that the government, the district assemblies and other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the three Northern Regions would proactively begin to empower or create career training opportunities for the overwhelming idle youth to become employable under the much publicized Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA). However, such an attempt is yet to be carried out by any of these bodies.

Meanwhile, there are several job opportunities in the region due to the large number of NGOs operating the area, in the agric sector and other sectors, but majority of the staff in these organizations are brought from the Southern part.

In the Western Region at the moment, both the government and other private organizations and even some unaccredited institutions are now rushing to train or empower some of the local unemployed youth at exorbitant fees to be able to work in the Oil Industry.

A chunk of the applicants or job seekers have had their applications turned down by the Oil Management on the grounds of not having the requisite know-how to work.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s Oil Industry commenced operations (explorations) some five years ago. But the few who were engaged as labourers are even yet to find their rhythm.

The SADA Project however, was announced some three years ago by this current government and it is expected to take off anytime soon for a whole 20 years running, but majority of the youth both the elites and the illiterates are yet not sure as to the specific roles they could play in the implementation of the programme, even though they are aware of the enormous employment the SADA seeks to offer.

So are we waiting for the SADA to engage expatriates or skillful people from the southern part of Ghana, before we begin to as usual play the fiddle?

The SADA Programme notwithstanding, the Chiefs and the entire leadership of the three Northern Regions have become advocates for the immediate upgrading of the Tamale Airport to meet International standard.

Several Experts in the Aviation Industry have openly admitted that the Tamale Airport has the potential to become even the largest International Airport in Ghana, and the safest place for international businesses for the Sahel countries.

The Aviation Experts also believe that the upgrading of the Airport would drastically reduce the poverty situation in the North and could also support the other sectors of the economy of the three regions.

Once again, the leaders of the area especially the District, Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies appear to have not yet seen the need to support some of their youth to empower themselves ahead of time in anticipation for greater job opportunities in the Aviation Industry.

Some of the Ministries and Agencies rather prefer to sponsor beauty contests so that they can get the opportunity to watch “big and smaller buttocks”, which in a large extent is insignificant to the development of their people.

There are thousands of youth in the various districts who have qualified for further studies in the various professions, yet the assemblies have not been able to assist them. Majority of them are with big ambitions but have no support to implement them.

Meanwhile, the Global Aviation Industry is said to be growing at the fastest speed in the developed and developing economies like Ghana. It is estimated that the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) would at least employ 84million people globally by the year 2014.

Other statistics from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) have also indicated that airline and airports employ 4.3million people globally and aerospace industries employ 730,000 people.

No matter what time it would take, the upgrading of the Tamale Airport into an International Airport would definitely be a reality, since the demand for aircraft keeps increasing on daily basis.

The industry’s diversity enables it to provide numerous support services to almost every other industry in the global business landscape today.

General aviation, which is one of the subsets of the industry, generates huge cash flows in health and medicare, agriculture, media, oil and gas, emergency services, environment, transportation and training and development, among others.

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