Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Andani youth abroad being haunted

Following the bloody spar between the Abudu and Andani Royal Families in the Yendi Municipality in the Northern Region of Ghana that led to the slaying of the late overlord of Dagbon Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II and forty of his elders at his palace, there appears to be a serious consequence on family members of sub-chiefs who were loyal to the late ruler.

Rumors are that some family members of the true serving elders of the late overlord are seriously receiving threatening messages alleged to be coming from some members of the Abudu royal family.
According to indebt investigations done by a freelance Journalist, they were all exercising fears they could be in trouble again in Dagbon and this is having a serious effect on their lives.

Again, this reporter also uncovered that some natives of Dagbon who fled Ghana in the heat of the Dagbon chieftaincy conflict in March 2002 to Germany, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America (USA), and United Kingdom (UK), are said to have been receiving unpleasant threats from people whom they do not even know.

According to investigations by this reporter, the following were sub chiefs under the Andani regime and now they are all out of the country with the rest of their family members, and they are all afraid to return home because they fear their lives will be in danger.

They are Chief Bomaha-Naa Salifu Tituori, Afa Alhassan Yahaya, Naa Zou Musah Fuseini, Nachin Naa Salifu Saani, Chief Solomon Sarinye, Naa Bapra Abubakari Andani, Isahaku Iddrisu, Adam Sulemana, Landaa Naa Yakubu Ndibo and Bipriba Samata Sabaa.

Furthermore, some sons and daughters of the Andani punchiest who were also victims of the chieftaincy including Zeinab Andani, Alhassan Inusah Andani, Solomon Tia, Fuseini Sayibu, John Alhassan, Sherifatu Alhassan, Barkis Tia, Rita Tia, Rose Tia, Mohammed Mohaimin Neindoo, Issah Sanatu Suglo, Alhassan Chentiwuni, Mahama Napodou and among others were equally receiving similar threats.

“Information picked up by this reporter indicated that they actually escaped from the chieftaincy dispute for their lives and now in foreign countries hoping for peace to prevail so that they return peaceful return to their country (Ghana).

It’s undeniable a fact that, several attempts to find a permanent solution to the longstanding feud between the Andanis and the Abudus has failed since 2002.

Some family members of the Abudu Gate have in this year been taken to court as suspects by the current Justice Ministry after it was perceived to be a human right issue especially the manner in which the King died.

Although many analysts say it was a war between two rival factions, the government also thinks that members of the Abudu Gate allegedly started the war which led to the death of the King and his elders.

By Haroun T. SAANI

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