Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Agyapong Blames Poverty Situation in Northern Ghana on Current And Past Governments

Mr. Kennedy Agyapontg
The Member of Parliament (MP) for Asin North, Kennedy Agyapong has descended heavily on the current and past governments for failing to do the right investment in the Northern Sector of Ghana to end or reduce the overwhelming poverty situation in the area.

He equally chastised all the rich and influential Northerners who are making huge investments outside the North for failing to go back home and take advantage of the vast but wasting lands suitable for any agricultural or industrial purposes.

Speaking on Adom TV’s Badwam Show hosted by Omanhene Kwabena Asante Tuesday, the outspoken MP could not hide his disappointment in all the governments for their gratuitous leadership blunder and lack of vision to discover the huge potentials abound in the three Regions of the North.

Mr. Agyapong who claimed to have visited some parts of the North recently, expressed the need for Ghana to redirect attention to the North and possibly move the national capital to the North where lands were much available for heavy industrialisation, real estate development, solar energy facilities and most especially agricultural development of the nation.

The three regions of the North (Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions) have great human capital but are regarded as the poorest regions in Ghana. Several thousands of the energetic youth (male and female) consistently migrate to the southern part of Ghana and neighbouring countries for menial jobs. They have no place to stay and the streets become their executive abode. They mingle with armed robbers and drug addicts. Some get rapped or defiled and others get unwanted pregnancies or contract diseases. Apart from developing smoking and drinking habits, others also become commercial sex workers and armed robbers just to earn a living.

Successive governments have paid several lip services to repatriate these young people and establish them in gainful employments in their communities. 

However, the Asin North MP Kennedy Agyapong believes the poverty in the north could be blamed on the irresponsibilities of governments and other rich and influential natives of the area, who were making huge investments in the Southern part of Ghana and internationally, instead of going back home.

Mr. Agyapong who claimed to have fell in love with the North assured of directing some substantial resources to invest heavily in the area. “I could not believe the north has so much beautiful lands and water. The area is good for sugarcane, rice, maize, tomato, pepper and cashew and mango plantations among others”.

The MP therefore encouraged Northerners to return home and give back to their people and reduce the rate of unemployment and poverty facing the people. 

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