Wednesday, July 27, 2016

NPP's Women Organiser Worried Over High Unemployment Rate

The Deputy Northern Regional Women’s Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Hajia Safia Mohammed has expressed serious concern about how a large number of graduates from the Universities, Polytechnics and other training institutions have become liabilities on their parents and communities in recent years, due to the absence of employment.  

According to her, the inability of the ruling government led by President John Dramani Mahama to create employment for the teaming youth of this country, had compelled most of them to depend on their poor parents while others were now on the streets practicing prostitution and armed robbery for their survival. 

Speaking at a gathering of women’s groups at Bonbong Nayili in the Yendi Constituency, Hajia Safia Mohammed said that majority of parents had regretted ever investing in their children’s education; and expressed the fears that many parents would soon shy away from sending their wards to school, if President Mahama was not voted out of office. 

“Majority of Ghanaian youth especially the graduates are now roaming hopelessly on the streets. They no longer have trust and confidence in their leaders because the NDC government has awfully failed to address their concerns”. 

She alleged that the unemployment rate in the three regions of the north of Ghana had worsened under the rule of President Mahama who continued to deceive the people of the north with empty promises. 

Meanwhile, it is estimated that Ghana turns out over 200,000 unemployed youth every year. The Private and the Public sectors do not have the capacity to employ up to 10% of this number. 

An overwhelming number of these youth are on the streets; putting this country in an extreme danger. It is the duty of government to ensure that the youth do not get to the extreme level where there is complete frustration, hanger, anger, hopelessness and abject poverty. When that happens, all of us are in serious danger because many of them out of frustration may go to the extreme level of picking arms to rob, practice prostitution or join terrorist groups among others.

Majority of the unemployed graduates in the northern regions and for that matter Ghana are already mothers and fathers who also have the responsibility to cater for their children.  

Against this backdrop, the NPP Deputy Regional Women’s Organiser charged the women in the Northern Regions not to exchange the future of their children with Maggie cubes and pieces of wax cloths from the NDC for their votes in the November polls. 

She alleged that the NDC was waiting for the eve of the November elections to distribute cloths, matches and monies among others in exchange for their votes, knowing how much they had failed the people of the north.

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