Friday, May 20, 2016

Rainstorm Displaces 900 In Sagnarigu

Sagnarigu DCE

Close to 900 persons including women and children are currently displaced in the Sagnarigu District of the Northern Region following a heavy rainstorm. The wind-filled rain also caused extensive damage to several private and public properties including schools, churches and individual houses. About 9 persons were reported injured in the process.

Rainstorm disaster is virtually becoming an annual ritual in most of the districts in the Northern Region, especially in the Tamale Metropolis, Yendi Municipal, Gushegu, Karaga, West Mamprusi, East Gonja, Chereponi, Saboba and Sagnarigu Districts. Hardly will a year pass without witnessing disasters in communities in those districts. 

At the weekend, over 16 communities in the Sagnarigu District of the Northern region were badly hit by another disaster after a heavy downpour. School buildings, electricity poles, churches and several individual houses were affected. While some of the buildings were completely raised down, others also lost their roofings to the storm causing injuries to people.

District Chief Executive (DCE) for Sagnarigu, Alhassan Mohammed Sorogudoo and the Member of Parliament for the area, Alhaji A.B.A. Fuseini toured the affected communities to assess the extent of damage and also sympathized with the victims.

The DCE Alhassan Mohammed Sorogudoo described the disaster as an “unfortunate occurrence” giving the extent of damage caused.

He said that the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) in the district had been tasked with the responsibility to assess the level of damage and come out with actual figures before relief items could be extended to the victims.

Mr. Sorogudoo was suspicious that most of the buildings that were raised down or damaged by the storm were as a result of the use of substandard building materials. 

He therefore encouraged the people to seek the necessary technical expertise and procure the requisite standardized materials before putting up their buildings.

The DCE expressed disappointment at the way people in the various communities in the district had awfully failed to protect a number of tree seedlings planted by the Assembly   in the communities to serve as shades and windbreaks. 

However, Mr. Sorogudoo assured the people of NADMO’s support but also called on NGOs and other organizations to come to the aid of the people.

The Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu, Alhaji A.B.A. Fuseini also expressed worry about the frequent outbreak of disasters in the area. 

He also attributed the disaster to the absence of trees within the communities and charged the people to also adopt the habit of tree planting to protect their own lives and properties.

The MP was particularly disappointed about the way the communities had allowed the trees planted by the Assembly and entrusted in their care to die off.

Alhaji A.B.A. Fuseini also the Deputy Northern Regional Minister promised to partner with the Assembly to ensure adequate support was extended to the victims as soon as possible.

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