Tuesday, December 8, 2015

SNV, NORDESO Best Farmer Honoured At 2015 Farmers Day Celebration

One of a thousand smallholder rice farmers trained by the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) and the Northern Development Society (NORDESO) Iddrisu Ziblim has been honoured at the 2015 edition of Farmers Day Celebration held at Pong-Tamale in the Savelugu-Nanton Municipality.

Mr. Ziblim was honoured for his hard work, discipline and ability to adapt to the new farming technology introduced to him and several other rice farmers known as Systems Rice Intensification (SRI). “All the criteria and benchmark set for all the farmers were meticulously fulfilled by only Ziblim, hence our decision to honour him on this special day”, Mr. Jacob Mansu, Local Capacity Builder (LCB) with NORDESO told Savannahnews.

SNV in partnership with NORDESO has since the beginning of 2015 farming season, started the implementation of an agric project dubbed: “Local Rice Farmers Can Feed West Africa” in the Savelugu- Nanton Municipality in the Northern Region of Ghana.

The project sought to support and empower 1000 rice farmers to increase their yields  through  good agronomic practices, have access to market, agro-inputs linkages and services, good rice mills as well as learn from demonstration fields and seed support. 

Also, cardinal among the set objectives was to equip 300 processors with modern technologies in rice processing, and unlock their potentials in maintaining the value chain in rice production.

All beneficiary farmers have so far been trained in improved rice production management technologies including bonding, rouging, soil aeration and among others. Farmers have also been trained on how to apply fertilizer as well as weed, insect, pest and disease management to help boost rice production.

“So far, LCB has completed the aggregation of farmers and facilitated the necessary linkages in the area of land preparation, input services and extension delivery on best rice production practices in 21 communities comprising of 43 farmer based organisations in the municipality” Mr. Mansu explained.

Mr Ziblim (R) Receiving a Certificate of Recognition From The Savelugu MCE
For his prize, Mr. Ziblim took home assorted farming equipments including a rice thresher, watering can, knapsack sprayer, wellington boots, tarpaulin, four machetes, a hoe, bag of fertiliser and a certificate.

The National Farmers Day is commemorated each year on the first Friday of December to honour our gallant Farmers and Fishers. The event acknowledges the vital position Farmers and Fishers occupy in the nations socio-economic development.

In particular, Ghana acknowledges farmers and fishers untiring efforts at feeding our growing population, providing raw materials to the nation’s industries, and contributing substantially to the nation’s foreign exchange earnings. 

The programme of activities usually planned for the celebration include, a National Farmers Forum at which the Award Winners are expected to interact with policy makers and experts on some technological advances in the agricultural sector and also make their views known. Prizes are awarded to deserving farmers and fishers in order of best practices and outputs.

Meanwhile, a total of 20 farmers were awarded and they took home different packages of prizes containing bicycle, knapsack sprayer, fertilisers, wellington boots, GTP fabrics among others. 

The Regional Best Farmer award was went to Alhaji Hussein Nuhib Khama who took home a motor king tricycle, water pumping machine, generator, sewing machine, corn sheller, knapsack sprayer, machetes, bags of fertiliser, wellington boots and a certificate. 

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