Thursday, October 29, 2015

Civil Servant Mounts Protest Against Corruption in Ghana's Public Sector

Mr. Charles Ayuune Akurugu
An Assistant District Coordinating Director at Kumbungu, Charles Ayuune Akurugu is now leading a movement called “Progressive Public Servant for the Total Overhaul of the Public Sector (PPSTOPS)” to fight the ills in the public sector that had over the years retarded the growth of mother Ghana and promoted the interest of some few individuals.

Mr. Charles Akurugu, who claims to have drawn his inspirations from Martin Amidu (the renowned citizen vigilante), is demanding a reform and complete overhaul of the Ghana’s public sector to free the staff of the sector from being intimidated or forced to remain silent over deep corrupt practices by some key individuals.

Speaking at a Press Conference in Tamale recently, Mr. Charles Ayuune Akurugu stated emphatically that issues of bribery, corruption and other wrong doings had been pervasive in Ghana because the Public Servant had been cowed and forced to keep mute over the rots. 

The Public Servants he said had also been forced to become hypocrites, sycophants and hero-worshippers, due to constant intimidation and threats of losing their jobs or position by their autocratic leaders.

The PPSTOPS Leader did not comprehend why good and incorruptible men and women were being vilified whiles thieves were being celebrated in Ghana and Africa. According to him, he would not do the bid of individuals or succumb to intimidation and pressure from any person in the public sector to suppress the truth or keep mute over ill conducts, since he owed it a duty as a citizen of Ghana to promote the interest of the state.

Dr. Callistus Mahama, Head of Local Govt. Service
Mr. Charles Ayuune Akurugu said that most of his friends and relatives had advised him to refrain from his campaign before he loses his job, but he insisted “the job you are afraid I will loose, I do not want it anymore if things do not change because I have to steal to even survive and I do not want to be a thieve anymore”. 

He admonished all patriotic Ghanaians to rise against the ills in the public sector and save the nation’s economy from collapse. His assumptions are that working in the public sector of Ghana only makes people to become liars and corrupt, even sometimes against their will.

The PPSTOPS Leader alleged that “In my over 12 years of public service, I have learnt that there is debilitating greed in the public sector. I have learnt how the sector has become what it is today. Victimization and intimidation has cowed the public servant into diffidence and submissiveness. You will be sacked but you will be denied your duties for which you were employed because after all those benefiting from the system do not care about Ghana”. 

Mr. Charles Akurugu stressed that there had been several experienced and hardworking public servants who had lost their positions, or transferred to different places where they had been rendered useless or ineffective because small desks are created at a corner for them. 

He therefore emphasized that his Movement (PPSTOPS) would ensure that the corruption and indiscipline in the public sector was turned into a resource for national building. 

He hinted that his movement would soon come out with names of some individuals and institutions promoting corruption in the public sector and depriving the nation of her economic growth.

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