Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nasia Chief Expresses Disappointment At NADMO

Chief of Nasia

THE Chief of Nasia in the West Mamprusi District of the Northern Region, Mouzu-lana Dan Natogmah Abdulai has expressed his deepest disappointment at the NADMO and for that matter the government for “deliberately” abandoning the over 1,203 persons who were badly affected by rainstorm disaster in the area some two months ago.

Over 100 houses and several tonnes food stuffs stored in various homes were completely soaked by the rain and many currently live in hunger hanger and deprivation. 

The Chief of Nasia, who used his palace as a place of refuge for some of the victims when the disaster struck, told Savannahnews in an interview that, he was completely devastated by the plight of the people since all his attempts to get some little support from NADMO and government had hit a snag.

Even though Mouzu-lana Abdulai said he did not mean to compare issues, he did not understand why government and for that matter other corporate organizations would swiftly respond to the June 3rd Flood and Fire Disaster victims without any proclivity to consider the over 1,203 rainstorm victims at Nasia which included pregnant women, under five babies and other extremely poor people.

He however proudly appreciated the effort of the District Chief Executive for West Mamprusi for rehabilitating the affected schools and the Member of Parliament for the area for providing 25 packets of roofing sheets to assist the victims.

Sadly enough, one of the most affected victims taking refuge at the Chiefs palace, Hajia Abiba Gariba, 86, who is also a widow had her 12 bed room house completely destroyed. Some residents in her neighbourhood tagged her as a “witch” for losing her husband and the house she inherited from the late husband. They tried to lynch her when the Chief intervened and brought her into his palace for refuge.

86 year old widow
Another victim, who is 91 years old Gahu-Naba Tia Banyesi told Savannahnews that the disaster had rendered him “insignificant” to his children and grandchildren, since all his lifetime investment had gone down the drain. According to him, his wives and children and the grandchildren were now living at separate places and he did not know their exact whereabouts.
The victims therefore appealed to government to come to their aid in order to bring back their families.

Mouzu-lana Abdulai also sent a strong SOS message to the government, NADMO, the Interior Minister and NGOs to come to the aid of the people. He said that most of the victims were farmers and they were supposed to have commenced their farming activities but none of them had been able to gather the resources and the courage to start farming. “Most of them have lost their fertilizers and seeds”.

The District Chief Executive for West Mamprusi, David Wuni said that he was confident that the NADMO would soon come to the aid of the victims. But in the meantime NADMO he said had told him they had run out of stock and could therefore not give any relief items to the victims.

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