Thursday, August 14, 2014

Zango Chiefs In Northern Ghana Preach Peace

Sheihu Dalhu in far right

Ghanaians and most especially, citizens of Northern Ghana have been urged to eschew tendencies that could lead to violent conflicts and further jeopardize the relative peace the region is enjoying.

At the 2nd Annual Conference of Hausa Zango Chiefs from the three regions of the north including the Brong Ahafo Region in Tamale, Sheihu Dalhu Abdul-Mumin Chief of Tamale Hausa Zango, acknowledged that violent conflicts in the area has over the years, undermined efforts towards good governance and poverty reduction.

According to him, violent conflicts related to chieftaincy, land, religion and politics have in recent past resulted in heavy loss of lives, delays in development projects and opportunities affecting all aspects of human lives. 

In recent years, the government according to Sheihu Abdul-Munin, has spent billions of cedis annually in enhancing security agencies activities in the Northern Region in particular, yet very few resources are spent in preempting conflict. 

The situation, he noted, must change if the country or her citizens really seek poverty reduction and good governance. He admonished politicians across the various political divides to guard against unwarranted comments that could incite violence among the citizenry and lead to loss of lives and property.

The conference, which was under the theme: “Peace and Co-existence in the Northern Region –The Role of Zango” brought together Chiefs of Hausa Zangos, some youth, chiefs and religious leaders to deliberate upon how to promote peace and development in their communities and the country as a whole.

Many Ghanaians have different perceptions about Zango communities which are predominantly Muslim settlements scattered across the country. For instance, some citizens think that, there are higher incidences of poverty, illiteracy or school dropout rate and robbery among others in Zangos as compared to other communities. 

Often times, those who say this would argue that, the increasing number of beggars on the streets of Muslim settlements, dilapidated houses, too much filth and choked gutters are the common characteristics of Zangos.  

But on the contrary, a Media Communications Consultant and CEO of PODmedia Prince Osman Dauda disagrees with that perception, describing it as a wrong stereotype often being made by people who choose not to see the good things that are done in the Zango communities. 

Mr. Dauda told Savannahnews, a lot of the negativities that many Ghanaians always cite as problems only existing in the Zango communities equally exist in other communities that Muslims do not reside. “The Zangos have their own challenges some of which are similar to those of many other communities across Ghana. The biggest among these challenges are illiteracy and ignorance and if these were properly dealt with, the Zangos would have been the most developed suburbs in this country. Currently, if you talk of the most peaceful communities in Ghana it’s the Zango communities one can find peace, but once there are a few unemployed ones, the devil will always find work for idle hands”, he explained.

Meanwhile, he called on all Muslims to keep their communities clean just as they would clean themselves before they go before Allah for prayers saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  

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