Monday, June 9, 2014

Allow The Holy Spirit To Abide In You –Christians Told

Reverend Father Francis Atiim of the OLA Roman Catholic Cathedral Church in Tamale, has charged Ghanaian Christians to allow the Holy Spirit to abide in them so that they will live a life that is Christ-like and for that matter, worthy of emulation.
He bewailed that many Christians today are suffering from what he termed as “spiritual deficiency syndrome” and as a result, many of them have become dormant Christians or dormant Catholics who are unable to profess their faith.

Delivering a sermon last Sunday to commemorate Pentecost Day, Rev. Fr. Atiim said, like the Disciples of Jesus who were fearful and almost became redundant after His death until the Holy Spirit revived their faith, there is the need for Christians to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of their lives and use them to do the work of Jesus because many of them lack faith although they call themselves Christians.

Pentecost Sunday, which marks the end of the Easter season in the Christian calendar, celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles. Pentecost 2014 falls 50 days after Easter 2014, which is June 8. 

According to him, the celebration of Pentecost Day reminds Christians of the essence of the day in Christianity and observed that, the increasing signs of tribulation such as secularism, modernism, materialism, craze for wealth and the challenges that marriages are going through calls for a spiritual revolution in the lives of Christians.

Rev. Fr. Atiim also urged couples not to be a pain in each other’s hearts because that he noted, is not the wish of Christ for marriages. “There are certain families, father and mother cannot enter one car and go to church. Even in bed, wives are wearing jeans. Husbands have turned to boxers and beating their wives. You must desist from that”, he opined.

He stated that, without the Holy Spirit there can never be patriotism and nationalism among Ghanaians as required by the national anthem, noting that, “God has bless Ghana with a lot of natural resources but because of greed the national cake is not shared equally”. 

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