Monday, October 14, 2013

Buipewura Calls on Investors to Consider Buipe As Investment Destination

In his avowed quest to turn Buipe into a leading commercial center in the whole of the three Northern Regions, the Paramount Chief of Buipe Traditional Area, Buipewura Mahama Jinapor II has called on both local and foreign investors to come and establish in the area. The Chief also has plans to organize the first ever Buipe Investment Forum in Accra to showcase the investment potentials in Buipe and bring home the needed investors.

The Chief who described Buipe, the administrative capital of Central Gonja District as an emerging destination for business or commercial activities in Ghana, assured the investors of total peace and the availability of more affable and fertile lands.

Speaking in an interview with Savannahnews at his Palace in Buipe, the Former Police Commander bemoaned the Buipe chieftaincy dispute that emerged between the two main royal gates in the area some three years ago. 

Buipewura Jinapor II lamented that, the incident had had a serious retrogressive effect on the development of Buipe. But at the moment, Buipe can be described as one of the most peaceful areas in the Northern Region, as the two rival chiefs, Buipewura Jinapor II and Buipewura Bawa Awushie Jewu have reconciled themselves and their supporters for a common aim of promoting accelerated development.

Buipewura Jinapor II in affirming his commitment to peace and development, has enskinned his main rival Bawa Awushie Jewu, as Danyampewura after he was declared the legitimate chief of Buipe by the Supreme Court. 

The Paramount Chief of Buipe recently held a unity durbar in the town which saw the two chiefs dancing together and exchanging pleasantries to the admiration of the several hundreds of inhabitants from both royal gates. 

According to Buipewura Jinapor II, his main priority after securing the peace in the area was to expose the numerous potentials and resources in Buipe to the world especially investors and other business entities to move into the area for the new business revolution he had envisaged to be actualized. 

BOST Terminal in Buipe
The Administrative Capital of the Central Gonja District, Buipe, is fast emerging as the second largest commercial or industrial city in the whole of Northern Region after the regional capital, Tamale.

Buipe is located on the Kintampo - Tamale Highway just after the bridge on the Black Volta River, which serves as a border between the Brong Ahafo and Northern Regions. The town has a human population of about 45,000. The Buipe town is not only strategically located, but has also been gifted with a large volume of natural resources including gold, diamond, clinker, water and forest resources.

However, the enormous opportunities have largely remained untapped mainly due to limited investment funding and the limited exposure of the district to potential and prospective investors.

Fishing is one of the major employments for most of the people apart from farming. This is because the Buipe town is traversed by several streams and the Black Volta, which forms the district’s southern boundary with the Kintampo North District. Most of the people especially the young women are also engaged in petty trading.

At the moment, 400 million dollar cement company, Savannah Cement (SAVACEM), is operational in Buipe on a 12,000 hectares Yakumbo Forest Reserve, which is rich in clinker. 

Another cement company called International Cement Company Limited was also expected to establish in Buipe, with exploration works already done. Apart from that, Government of Ghana has also established a 10 million dollar shea nut processing factory in Buipe.

There is also an inland Port sited in Buipe on the Black Volta. It links businesses from the Southern part of Ghana to the North and the neighbouring Burkina Faso. The Port mainly transports GHACEM and Diamond Cements from Tema and Aflao respectively, Oil from Tema Oil Refinery, Shea nuts and other food produce to and from the North.

Meanwhile, Buipe also serves as a comforter to the Oil Dealers up North who used to travel from far away Northern Sector to Tema for Oil supply. The Tema Oil Refinery now has a Sub-station for the storage of refined Oil for supply or commercial use in the three Northern Regions through the Bulk Oil Supply and Transport (BOST) Company in Buipe.

 As a result, Buipewura Mahama Jinapor II was of the view that Buipe could become the leading commercial centre, if given the needed attention by government as well as local and international investors.

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