Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The incessant refusal by successive governments to pay attention to the extremely poor road networks in the Northern Region has stirred up the bad tempers of Chiefs and people in 12 deprived communities along the Yendi-Bimbilla road, who are desperately reminding government to walk its talk of ensuring a better Ghana for all.

The irate Chiefs and their people with support from some Community Based Organisations (CBOs) including the Ghana Development Community Association (GDCA) have therefore embarked on massive demonstrations to back their demand for the immediate construction of the Yendi-Bimbilla Road.

They complained that that particular road had been captured in almost every national budgets without any work commenced on it, but the 2011 budget recently read by the Finance Minister, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor according to the people did not mention the Yendi-Bimbilla road, which they said was a ploy by government to deprive them of their share of the better Ghana cake.

However, the protestors including the Chiefs wielded sockets of tree leaves and placards displaying board inscriptions like “No road- No vote”, our food stuffs are rotten in the bush”, 2011 budget is incomplete and where is the better Ghana”, among others.

The Spokesperson of the Chiefs and people, Seidu Shaini Mohammed in a petition presented to the Nanumba North District Assembly for onward transmission to the President maintained that the nature of the Yendi-Bimbilla road had brought serious socio-economic setback to the people.

According to the protestors, there had been several cases of sadden deaths among pregnant women who were unduly delayed on their way to the health centres as a result of the poor nature of the roads.

They asserted that some women in labour had died on bicycles and motorbikes because vehicles were not ready to ply the road.

Several food items including, yam, maize, rice and soya bean have also locked up in the bush due to the poor nature of road in the Nanumba Districts.

Meanwhile, the Yendi-Bimbilla road which is classified as an international road connects travelers from the Northern Region to Greater Accra, Volta Region, Togo and Burkina Faso.

The aggrieved Chiefs and people are therefore demanding the ruling government to commence and complete the construction of the road before the 2012 general elections or risks loosing their votes.

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