Monday, May 31, 2010


From: Joseph Ziem, Tamale
Regional and Constituency Executives of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) and People National Convention (PNC) in the Northern Region want immediate pragmatic steps to be taken to inject life into the party that the nation’s first President stood for.
They are saying that the CPP has lost its past glory, citing disunity as the major challenge bedeviling the party’s rank and file and making it impossible to win elections.
They have therefore given the National Executives of the two parties up till December 2010 to speed up preparations towards a solid coalition or merger as one political party.
Speaking at press conference last Saturday May, 29 in Tamale, Alhassan Basharu Dabali, Chairman of CPP/PNC Merger Planning Committee stated that if the National Executives of the two Nkrumaists parties failed to do so by the end of this year, Constituency and Regional Executives would advise themselves.
According to him, the existence of several splinter parties under the fold of the Nkrumah Tradition was a clear testimony to the CPP and PNC continual defeat during Presidential elections. Adding, “It is an open secrete that the entrenched positions taken by the leadership of the various splinter groups continue to weaken the front of the Nkrumaists, and to create the impression that the Nkrumaists cannot stand on their own without joining forces with another political party”.
Mr. Dabali declared that for the interest of Nkrumaism and future development of Nkrumaists front, all forms of mergers and alliances with the largest opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) should be halted with immediate effect.
He urged the membership of the Nkrumaists to close their ranks and work assiduously to inject new breathe into the CPP, bearing in mind that Nkrumaism as an ideology was far bigger and stronger than any group and individual.
According to Mr. Dabali, this decision would afford the CPP and PNC under one ticket to win elections else the attainment of political power by either of the parties on its own remains elusive.
He maintained that it was only when the two parties were brought under one fold can they wrestle power with the ruling NDC in the 2012 general elections. He called on members in other regions across the country to begin the coalition force.
Meanwhile, National Chairman of the PNC Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan told Joy News the decision taken by the Northern Regional Executives of the party was without due consultation and approval from the National Executives.
He noted the decision could potentially undermine the authority of the National Executives of the party. Even though the PNC in principle was not against uniting with the CPP, Alhaji Ramadan said due process and party structures must be followed.
According to him, the National Executives have expressed their desire to unite with the CPP but concrete decision has not been made in that regard and regretted the decision by the Northern Regional Executives to jump the gun.

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